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Chemical Composition
is a serious-music improvisation ensemble whose atonal, arhythmic,
genre-blending approach broadens the concepts of free music while
embracing the principle of all great music-making--touching hearts and minds.
When Constance, John, and Tom met in Tom Desisto's professional
studio in Woodstock, New York, in December of 2011, they had never
improvised as a trio before. Yet their very first track, created within
minutes of their arrival, became the title track of their first CD,
Excitement Within the Trojan Horse, and set the trio's pattern:       
Completely improvised works, musically and dramatically fueled by years of
performing widely-differing genres.
Bold instrumental technique
Confidence in the great beauty, accessibility, and power of the
sounds of contemporary music
Profound concentration on their music while recording, with no editing
or fixing afterwards.

Two other Chemical Composition CDs attest to the staying power
of these principles: Uttered Fast but Without Haste, and Notes Are Rain,
Timbre Is Snow
, a collaboration with the Shakuhachi player Jeffrey Lependorf.